Pricklings is a durational performance, in which viewer/participants are invited to stick pins into an ambiguously gendered silicone body-suit worn by the artist, staging themself as trans saint, queer icon, fetish object, witch’s poppet, a luck charm, a ritual, a process, a test, a game.

Originally created for queer club spaces Riposte, Runt and Dialogue, and more recently performed in gallery settings (including Prague Quadrennial, Dulwich Picture Gallery & The Queen’s House, National Maritime Museum).

Pricklings explores trans embodiment and autonomy, tracking edges, slippages and entanglements across bodies, practices and communities. In a thickly-signifying moment of contact, connection and exchange, as pin penetrates surrogate flesh, religious, historical, medical and magical iconography are remixed and repurposed to create intimate spectacles and new rituals of becoming.
Performance simulates pins penetrating flesh.

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