Artist Bio
Kai (They/Them) & Carrot/Pax (They/He)
Bean pig puppetry is a queer puppetry collective that believes in the life of all things! They believe in the possibility of other worlds that are in a constant state of transformation, destruction and creation. By bringing objects to life they ask you to dream beyond what you thought was possible, and to break the boundaries of real/not real.They believe that anything can come to life, anything can transform and anything is possible if it’s made out of cardboard and foam.
Break Reality
Break reality is a performance that animates the unseen world of the puppet realm. The puppets are the realised spirits of our intuition and they live out their complex and imperfect lives. The puppet world inhabits a place of constant change, transformation destruction and creation, they chew on human reality to make sense of it, and it's pretty nonsensical to them, just as theirs is to us, but sometimes a familiar universal symbol unites the binaries of the real and the imagined. As the puppets are the ones telling the story there is always space for a change of ending.

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