Artist Bio
Millicent Sutton is an award-winning multidisciplinary maker, recognised for creativity, ingenuity and thought. She is a recent MA Biodesign Graduate from Central Saint Martins University, with an undergraduate degree in BA (Hons) Contemporary Design Craft. Milli’s recent work titled ‘Frankenflowers’ delves into the speculative realm of Biodesign, exploring how the human relationship with flowers today is impacting the flowers of tomorrow. In her work she explores the future morphology of flowers, creating crafted diegetic prototypes to tangibly showcase her speculations. This project was awarded the prestigious CSM Graduate Award in 2023.
The arduous and taxing nature of mankind’s relationship with planet Earth is threatening the life encapsulated within it.

Flowering plants are facing infertility, premature blooming, and species extinction as a result of anthropogenic climate change. Enduring captive growing, debilitation with viruses and pesticides and genital mutilation for our aesthetic pleasure.

Frankenflowers is a design research, design fiction and discursive design project that speculates a scenario where the human pursuit of floral perfection turns into a Darwinian nightmare.

This project considers the ethical implications of floriculture practices and the future projections of climate change. Speculating what comes after the Anthropocene, and how flowering plants might evolve to survive in this future geological epoch named: the ‘Anthocene’.

The humanoid diegetic prototypes on display, tangibly showcase a selection of these future plant forms.
Image Credit: Christopher Bellamy (1-2) & Central Saint Martins In-House Photographer (3-5)

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