Artist Bio
Award-winning Neo-Bollyesque performer, Bolly Ditz Dolly celebrates the golden tunes of yester-year with a tassel-twirling twist. A prolific performer known for her unique blend of Bollywood dance, burlesque and cabaret. Smashing stereotypes with a smile and raising her voice through spoken word and poetry, her thought-provoking storytelling provides satire to provoke and entertain.

A Queer Punjabi who, according to themselves, is British by default.
Samosa Act
Awarded Winner of Burlesque Idol UK '19 - A Bollywood romantic short-story advertisement, celebrating a beloved snack but it looks like the heat can get too much.
Content Notifications:
Brief nudity
Stripped to pants
Features food, but not about eating disorders
Potentially loud sounds
Image Credit:
@fiona_cue_drag_headshots (1)
@vsanchorstudios (2)
Bolly Diyz Dolly (3)

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