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P Eldridge (her) is a curator, writer, literary editor, dramaturg, founder of the radical trans anarchist zine SISSY ANARCHY, managing editor of Worms, and co-founder of The Compost Library, based between London, New York City, and so-called Australia. Her work centres the ethics of trans queer anarchism, listening and love.
The Birth of a Woman Who Once Was an Elaborate Concoction of Man
Inspired by trans femininity, P Eldridge will facilitate a writing workshop that considers feminine divinity. Using writing exercises and tools, we will build an intimate connection to femme language in the way we speak, mutter, grasp, correspond, tell stories, create forms of resistance, and act up. This workshop is open to everyone, femme, masc, or otherwise gender fuck, where all forms of responses are welcome; we will however be focused on flipping ideologies imposed upon, in writing, from the patriarchy into something more ‘sissy’. Mmm!
Content Notifications: Explicit Themes
Image Credit: P Eldridge (made and edited by)

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