Amelie O'Brien (she/her)
Amelie's Work: Pages 23-24
Amelie O’Brien is an artist based in London studying at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She’s recently been working across disciplines with text, composition, and visual art. As part of her creative practice, she has been using performance to exhibit her process, by making and editing work with an audience present (Self Portraits 1 and 2). Other work has included scores for immersive performance (Wildlands).
Her work has seen themes of the self and the incidental queer body, as well as literary criticism ('Stake Me') and lesbianism. A real mix.
Outside of her studies, Amelie has undergone facilitator training with The Old Vic’s Frontline Facilitator’s programme and has recently joined their facilitator’s pool.
Instagram: amelie_obrien

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