Artist Bio
Sol Santana is a Brazilian-Swiss non-binary visual and performance artist, focusing primarily on Queer Futurity and In-between existences. Language is often a key element in their sculptures, installations and performances. They have recently graduated from the Master’s Performance Making course at Goldsmiths University London and hold a BA in Fine Arts granted by Zurich University of Arts. Sol is the winner of the scholarship awarded by the canton Schaffhausen in Switzerland. They have previously worked as a directing assistant and translator for the Brazilian theatre and movie director Christiane Jatahy. 
𝘛𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘪𝘵 is a live art performance that addresses the experience of transitioning between inner and outer landscapes. This work explores the journey of a body moving between countries and gender identities, ultimately finding a home in the in-between space. The performance is accompanied by an abstract “liminal” soundscape and a poetic narration that captures the dual experience of crossing physical borders as a migrant person and navigating internal landscapes as a queer individual. In Transit the theatre space is transformed into a labyrinth and the audience is invited to get lost alongside the performer.
Instagram: @sssol1312
Project Credits: 
Dramaturgy & Production Consultation: Caro Lutz @caro__lutz
Composition & Sound Design: Leo Hardman-Hill @leo_th0tsky_
Additional Sounds Design & Mixing: Travis Hagan
Special thanks to: Patrick Furness & Berthe Fortin
Video courtesy of Lanzehang Ying @_yinglan_ & Haijia Blair Luo @blairl_13
Photo courtesy of Haiyi Wang @haiyiiiii

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