Artist Bio
(It/Its/That Thing)
The Public Universal Friend AKA The PUF is an ill omen and drag thing specialising in Apocalypse Clown and Trash Puppetry. Its previous work can be found sleeping at the bottom of a well, to be awoken only when the time is right. When not busy creating Performance Art Nonsense™, the PUF spends its time softly weeping in a misty wood.
The PUFco Fortun-O-Mat
The PUFco Fortun-O-Mat appears mysteriously, and vanishes like a floe of mist into the wet night. A querent approaches the ornate yet slumped box, seeking wisdom. The machine's mysterious occupant requests a tribute of memory. It then dispenses a tiny card depicting the (un)fortunate seeker of knowledge's personal Fate in the Digital Apocalypse. Some claim that the Fortun-O-Mat's strange figure is no automaton at all, but in fact a psychic beast from a forbidden wood, but nobody seems to know for sure...
Instagram: @puf.piece
Image Credit: Omer Gaash

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